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Can you smell something...burning?

Lara Fights Ghosts

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T-Rex vs Building ?



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TDP: stars in this screenshot

*World First* Proof that Lara has no nose !!!

The Art of Levitation

A painful burning

Pushing on nothing

The wrong sort of pyromania

A langorous stretch

The amazing headless woman

A painful impact

A Unique Swimming Style

A Hold on Her

Spot Lara

Spot Lara - The Solution

Just her Boots Remain...

Get Down and Boogie

Liar, liar....

Off with her head !

Another Part of the World

Fly and Burn

Nice hat. Mind if I try it on ?

Taking a Dive

Looks rather uncomfortable

Movie References #1

Lara's Dance Moves

Missing Something ?

Sinks and Fridges of the

Croft Mansion

Sumo Girl ?

Lara *really* in Pieces

Those legs...

Breakdancing and other things

So pretty...

The Snarl up close

A new species of Croft

Lara's Hair Special - Part 1

Lara's Hair Special - Part 2 (the secrets of quicksand)

Lara's Hair Special - Part 3

Head Explodey

*Really* parched ???

Inhuman Flexibility

The Matrix - Lara Style

Tomb Raiding can get a little humid at times

Don't Leave Me Now !

Clumsy Lara


Strange Phenomena

Just Wierd

Half the woman...

death is a pain in the neck

just wierd and burn-y

Headlock ?

High and Dry

Lara - Photographer Extraordinaire

Game Over

Deoderant, anyone ?

Dance Dance...Pain...?

Jump For Joy


A Famous Bug

Running into Nothing

Thin Air

She carries holes...?

A view of infinity

Walking underwater

Very, very large holes in the level

Smoke Rings ?

Escher plays Tomb Raider

Stuck in the Wall

Missing Something ?

Lost in the Scenery ?

The Non-Solidity of Walls

When Pawns Attack !

Look, no hands !

Losing her again...

The Void

Twisting Time & Space ?

Dogs...In...Spaaaace !!!

It's simple, child.

Strange mutants...really.

More Mutants

Unusual Locations

How she learnt it...

Attack of the Killer....What ?


Floating Head

On and on and on and on....

Two: Quick Drying Cement + Fire & Water


The corner used to...

...stand on nothing

When the corner bug goes wrong

Inside Lara

Flies through the air...

Ray-girl ?

Floating Heads ?

I Love my Lips

So Relaxing...?

Lara and Inanimate Objects

The Explodey Lara Strikes Again

Up Close

The Impossible Underwater

When you run out of sea

Amputee ?!?


Strange Firearms

Quick-Dry Cement Blocks

Compression of Space

Helmet ?

Setting Fires in Difficult Circumstances

Friendly with the Scenery

Underhanded Tactics

Half the Woman She Used To Be - Part 1

Half the Woman She Used To Be - Part 2

Walls ? Ha !

The Ancient Art of Through-Chest Beard Trimming

Lying face down on thin air...? Girl

Amazing Snowmobile Stunt-Driving

Stunt Motorcyclist

The amazing invisible quadbike

Half a quadbike

Silly places for a snowmobile

When the quadbike gets stuck


Lara's Cat Suit

Double Meow

Shark Dentures

Dolphin Friendly

Pesky Walls

Pihranas - Stranger Than You Think

A Shark and a Half

Ticklish Raptor

T-Rex Munchies

Lara's New Decor ?!?

Lara and the shark become one

Large green lizards

Blood everywhere

Good Doggy ?

The Crow

The Evil Bartoli

The Terror of The Cold War

Mutants Beneath the Waves

Give me your shirt !!!

Ouch !

Lara Can Float !

Throwing up ?


Ready to split in half...the Lara handstand

A seasick Revelation ?

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Arty Lara

The Uzis

High in the Himalayas

Willard's Last Resting Place...s

Never mind looking up her nose...

Special Guest Screenshot !

Can you coax Lara to do this ?

Lara - Trapped !

Many thanks to Calvin Shipbaugh for letting me link his page here. The rest of his page on meteorites can be found here - with many references to Lara !

Peculiar Saved Game !

Floaty and Painful methods of moving


Walk this way ?

For Monty Python Fans


Very Wierd Quake Screenshots

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Screenshot !

Munro's Dubious Reading

more to come soon !!!

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